ATPL(H)/IR Exam Study Lifeline



ATPL(H)/IR Exam Study Lifeline

Are you struggling with ATPL exam self-study? Working by yourself at home and not making the progress you were hoping for? We’ve got the solution for you. Join our ATPL(H)/IR Modular Residential course, starting on the 25th January 2021, and you could dramatically increase your chances of successfully completing the theoretical training within the next 12 months.

Self-study is hard work, and the sheer volume of material you need to understand, learn and memorise to pass the 14 commercial exams can be daunting. However, being taught the material by our team of experienced Theoretical Knowledge Instructors (TKIs), as well as working together as a group of students has been proven to have a positive impact on how successful our students are.

Student pilot Maddy Collins is nearing the completion of her ATPL exams having been part of Helicentre Aviation’s 2019/2020 ‘Modular Residential’ course (this is just the name the CAA give the full-time classroom-based course as opposed to distance learning – it’s not actually a course where students live on-site. This is worth clarifying because it’s a question we get asked quite a lot!). Maddy has a PPL(H) and is type rated on both the Cabri G2 and the R44. “To be honest I don’t think I would have got to where I am now had I not been on this course. The self-study method just isn’t for me – I learn much better in a classroom environment,” she said.

“We had a really good range of instructors from different backgrounds teaching us the course material. They were all able to share their experience from a range of different perspectives, both ex-military and civilian. All the instructors were really good and were very encouraging.”

Fellow students on the course with Maddy were a mix of modular and integrated rotary-wing students which she thought worked really well. “In the early stages, those of us who already had a PPL(H) were able to give the integrated guys an insight into the practical side of things as they began flying because we’d been there and overcome the challenges we all have when learning to fly.” Maddy explained. “On the flip side, with their academic backgrounds, the integrated students were able to help us later in the course with their knowledge of the more complicated theory. We all worked together well which made it easier for everyone,” she added.

Over the years many students have struggled to teach themselves the study material and those that succeed usually take considerably longer to achieve a full set of exam passes than students who have been taught the material by a TKI. Distance learning is not for everyone and by embarking on our full-time course you’ll not only be increasing your chances of gaining good grades, but you will likely get through the exams quicker. After all who doesn’t want to be free of the ATPLs as soon as possible?!

Having expanded our facilities in 2020, our 2021 Modular Residential and Integrated CPL(H) students will be taught the ground school subjects together in our brand new classroom on-site at our Leicester Airport training centre. The classroom is large enough to ensure physical distancing for everyone, and with a newly installed negative pressure air conditioning system, and stringent hygiene protocols, the risks posed by Covid-19 have been considerably reduced.

Calvin Hunter-Dale, another modular residential student who has just passed another batch of exams said, “The classroom instruction you get on this course gives you the base knowledge you need to properly understand the material. Simply reading the course notes and learning the question bank wouldn’t have been enough on its own to get me through the exams so I would totally recommend joining the course.

“The teaching has been a top level standard and without it I think I would have been in a much more difficult place when it came to studying. Having access to the expertise of the instructors in the classroom and being able to ask further questions via email or a one-to-one zoom call is a big help and a relief to have in your back pocket when you’re stuck with something.

“Overall I’d say being taught something rather than learning it yourself is really beneficial. Having a group of us in a room, or even on zoom is massively helpful as well. Sometimes the way the instructor explained something didn’t always cut through for me the first time, but some of the other people in the class can explain it in a different way which helps everyone. It’s basically a way to throw as many resources as you can at the problem and that makes a huge difference.”

If you would like some help getting through your commercial writtens and see some real progress with your exams results, why not enrol on our 2021 Modular Residential course. There are only a small number of places still available so don’t delay as the course will be starting soon. Get in touch online or give us a call on 0116 259 0186 to reserve your place or find out more.

Modular Residential and Integrated CPL(H) students a the start of their course last November

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