Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

The Multi-Engine Instrument Rating is a full-time course lasting approximately 8 weeks, delivered on-site Monday to Friday, for pilots wishing to obtain their IR(H) to enable career progression into multi-crew roles, including Oil and Gas, Search and Rescue and HEMS, or any other position which requires an instrument rating.

ME IR(H) training is conducted using the AW109, and applicants for the course need not be rated on type as the initial AW109 type rating is included. Those already holding a current and valid AW109 type rating, a fixed-wing IR, and non-UK ICAO IR(H) can also undertake a reduced course of training.

Please ensure you book your place on the course early since places are limited and there is typically a waiting list.

Application Details

2022 Courses: Contact us for available dates
Course Status:
How to Apply: Send an email or call 0116 259 0186

Pre-entry Requirements

  • Hold a CPL(H)
  • Hold UK Class 1 Flight Crew medical certificate
  • Have logged a minimum of 70 hours PIC
  • Have passed the CPL(H)/IR or ATPL(H)/IR exams

Course Requirements

  • Complete 40 hours FNPT II simulator training
  • Undergo training for a multi-engine type rating
  • Pass the skill test with a type rating examiner
  • Complete 10 hours of instrument training (airborne)
  • Pass an IR test with a nominated CAA examiner

What's included?

The Multi-Engine IR(H) course includes the following:

  • Training materials (study guide and plates)
  • 40 hours instruction in an FNPT II FSTD
  • Technical theoretical knowledge training
  • 8-hour AW109 (Grand – S) initial type rating (VFR)
  • Examiner fee and aircraft hire for type rating test
  • 10 hours instrument training in aircraft (with PBN)
  • 5 hours additional simulator practice time
  • Post-qualification, 3 hours sim time before each job interview

Course Fee: £45,950 plus VAT *


*  Excludes CAA examiner fee, aircraft hire for IR test, landing fees, and airport charges


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