Commercial Pilot’s Licence

The Commercial Pilot’s Licence not only allows you to start earning money for the flying that you do, but also shows that you can fly a helicopter to a very high standard.

This structured course teaches you how to become a fully fledged Captain of an aircraft, as opposed to simply knowing how to fly a helicopter.

You will develop the skills to operate the helicopter more efficiently and in a professional manner. You will also complete a night qualification as part of the course, one of the most exciting training courses you will do.

On completion of the CPL(H) course, you will become eligible to apply for our Flight Instructor Scholarship where you can have your entire FI(H) training course paid for.

Pre-entry Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold an ICAO PPL(H)
  • Passed all EASA CPL(H) or ATPL(H) theoretical examinations
  • Hold an EASA Class 1 medical certificate
  • Minimum of 155 flight hours logged, including 50 hours PIC

Course Requirements

  • 30 hours (daytime) flight instruction
  • Five hours night instruction
  • Pass a CPL(H) skill test with a CAA examiner

What's included?

Our commercial modular flying course includes the following and is based on the minimum hours required by regulation:

One month’s membership (landing fees, tea, coffee, wi-fi etc.)
Course materials (flight manual [electronic], checklists etc.)
35 hours Cabri G2 flight instruction
10 hours of classroom-based instruction
Up to one-and-a-half hours aircraft hire for the skill test

You should be aware that it may take longer than the minimum hours in order to meet the standard required to pass the skill test and you may need to arrange some additional flight training hours.


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