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BSc Hons Helicopter Pilot Degree

Helicopter Training

Helicopter Training

At Helicentre Aviation, we have been training helicopter pilots for over ten years. With a dedicated team of instructors, first rate facilities at Leicester Airport, and our extensive fleet of training aircraft, combined with Helicentre's friendly and professional atmosphere, learning to fly will be all the more enjoyable.

Below you will find an overview of each of the main courses we run. For more options, such as type ratings, night qualification and self-fly-hire, click on the options in the right hand sub-navigation.

Private Pilot's Licence (Helicopter) - PPL(H)

Whether you intend to take it to commercial level, or simply want to fly for pleasure, the PPL(H) is the first step in making it all happen. Helicentre Aviation has an outstanding reputation in PPL(H) skills test pass rates and a well respected track record in training helicopter pilots right the way through from ab-initio to commercial pilot and flight instructor. If you're not sure which direction to take with your flying career, why not book onto one of our free Career Seminars, or book a Trial Lesson to get a taste of what it's all about.

So what can you do once you have your PPL(H)? The qualification itself allows you to fly one specific type of helicopter and it is recognised throughout Europe. You can fly for fun, taking your friends or family out to lunch at a stately hotel, or fly off for a romantic getaway. There are also many other options; you can progress onto flying larger machines, obtain a night qualification, get an instrument rating, or study for your commercial or instructor ratings. Find out more about the PPL(H)...

Commercial Pilot's Licence (Helicopter) - CPL(H)

If you want to fly helicopters for a living you need to obtain a commercial licence, which allows you to be paid for flying helicopters. You must have your PPL(H) and a total of 155 hours of flight time before you start training. You must also have passed the commercial written examinations.

Flying helicopters is an exceptionally rewarding career and there are many different applications in the UK and abroad where helicopters are used. If you would like to find out more about the training involved in obtaining your CPL(H), click here...

Flight Instructor Rating (Helicopter) - FI(H)

Once you have obtained your CPL(H), you may choose to get your instructor rating. Teaching others to fly is both challenging and rewarding, and completing the course is a great achievement. It can also open the doors to a full time career in flying helicopters. In the last three years alone 90% of Helicentre's instructor course students have started working for us as flight instructors, and have subsequently built up their hours quickly moving into varied sectors of the industry all over the world.

The FI(H) course covers all aspects of teaching theory, which includes the teaching and learning process, critique and evaluation and techniques of flight instruction, as well as the practical elements taught in the aircraft including 30 hours of flying with a 22,000 hour FIC (flight instructor course) instructor. Find out more about the FI(H) course...

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Open Speech MarksMany thanks for the R44 type rating training which I thought was top class. I enjoyed it very much and all went exactly to plan certainly from my perspective. I look forward to coming back to do some much needed hour building.Closed Speech Marks

David, Suffolk

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