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Helicopter Museum Fly-Out Trip Report

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Posted Wed, April 04, 2012

Helicopter Museum Fly-Out Trip Report

The plan was to set off at 08:00 and fly down to the Helicopter Museum in Weston-Super-Mare, then on to the Coppleridge Inn Hotel for Lunch before returning to Leicester around 16:00.

After four days of glorious sunshine the day of the trip came and... fog! Typical British weather. Poor visibility delayed the departure but didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of all the pilots itching to get underway! It wasn't too long before the low cloud cleared into blue skies and better visibility, so the gaggle of helicopters departed bound for the Helicopter Museum.

Two R22s, an R44 and a Schweizer 300 set out on their way down south. A quick stop off at Gloucester for a splash and dash to ensure enough fuel to get into the museum and onto the next destination and they were soon drooling over a multitude of historic helicopters!

The museum were kind enough to give an open cockpit tour and despite the delay, all the pilots had a good look around and really enjoyed themselves. Sadly they didn't make it over to the hotel due to remaining daylight hours after the weather delay, but that's aviation, and the museum restaurant served some nice food to keep them all going!

The whistle stop tour of the museum included helicopters from all over the world. Well known classics such as the Bell 47 and their somewhat more basic predecessors were all on show. Thanks to the volunteers for marshalling everyone in and guiding them round.

On the way back, tracking the M5 was good nav practice and the controlled airspace transits were excellent hour building experience for the existing pilots who could practice their heading hold and track crawling techniques. The group stopped off at Bristol (Filton) for some more fuel followed by a sunset approach into Leicester.

Will definitely be going back and factoring in more time to look around - the museum is a fab place and very very large. There's lots to see so make sure you don't miss out on the next trip! Click here to find out more about upcoming helicopter trips to various parts of the UK and Europe - come and join in the fun and get some brilliant flying experience at the same time.

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